Add together a professional dancer, some pianists expert in accompanying ballet classes, three software developers resulting in

Ballet Class

100% Made in Italy, it’s the only App in the world for accompanying your ballet classes with exclusive tunes, fit for all exercises.

What you can do with Ballet Class

Ballet Class is the one App with original piano played music to accompany your classical dance and ballet classes.

Plenty of unique pieces composed by professional pianists that will make your lesson unforgettable.

Choose the tune you prefer, set the speed and choose the number of beats to make it fit for your exercise, and start your class accompanied by your personal pianist.

The APP is simple and intuitive. The tunes are grouped by exercise, in the same order they are performed in a ballet class: Pliés; Tendus; Jetés; Ronds de jambe; Fondus.

Choose your favourite tunes, create your personal playlist and tap the Play button.
Your dance class will no longer be the same!

Main features

Choose a tune

Choose it based on the exercise and then open the control panel.

Tune list

The music is arranged by exercise order much like a classical dance class.

Playback the music

And control the speed and number of bars.

Change settings

From the control panel you can set speed and number of bars.

Save your settings

And create your customized tune.

Make the music fit for your exercise

Choose the number of bars, choose the speed, and create a customized copy of the tune.

Purchase the music

Tired of the same old music? Visit the Ballet Class shop

Plenty of quality music

The music of Ballet Class is played by professional pianists.

Create your playlist

Create your playlist and accurately setup your class.

Setup your class in detail

Customize every tune and setup your playlist, give it the name you prefer and rearrange the tune ordering.

Add your music

You have plenty of classical dance records? You can even add your own music to Ballet Class.

Ipod access

Upon buying this plugin you will be entitled to add to Ballet Class the mp3’s present in your smartphone so that you can use them along with the music you already have in Ballet Class.

Our team

Andrea Piermattei

Idea and Project

A dancer at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan since ’94, he graduated at the acclaimed Academy A. Vaganova of St.Petersburg in ’92. A dance teacher.

Gianna Bolotova


Graduated at the Rimsky Korsakov conservatory, a pianist at the Vaganova Academy and the Mariinsky Theatre in St.Petersburg. Currently a pianist at the Teatro alla Scala Academy.

Fabio Ghidotti


Graduated at the conservatory of Milan in ’90, concert painist of classical and contemporary repertoire.

Musical assistant at Teatro alla Scala.

Albi Goodman


Musical assistant in the Ballet department of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan since year ’90, composer, conductor.

Marcelo Pablo Spaccarotella


A pianist and a conductor, he has been involved for years in researching the best way to combine music and motion.

Paul Square


He is Musical Assistant at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan. Graduated in Piano, Organ and Organ Composition. Specialized at the Superior Conservatory of Geneva.

Mladen Dabizljevic


Composer, pianist, conductor.

Filippo Mera


A sound engineer at the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, he has a degree in Computer Science. He turned to the Apple world to give life to this project and he has been involved with the project since its birth. He manages its iOS version.

Adriano Baratè


Researcher at the Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale of the Computer Science Department as an expert in music, multimedia and new technologies.

Luca Andrea Ludovico


Researcher at the Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale of the Computer Science Department as an expert in music, multimedia and new technologies.

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